Hellooooo bloggers!!!

You might know me www.theplatedecorator.blogspot.com .  If so, I’M BACK! If not, thanks for stopping by!  You can find out more about me here https://startingoffhungry.wordpress.com/about. I really need to find out how to hide links in my words (maybe you can let me know how in the comments?)  This blog is going to be an adventure!!! I am really excited to be back in the blogosphere and back with y’all! I am refocusing my blog to a more of a diary for me to log my path to becoming an RD. This is also a “whatever is health related and on my mind” blog, rather than a daily (or twice a day) flog.  Although of course there will be LOTS of food here! I will post recipes and experiments of all my new eats!!!

My eating hasn’t changed much from The Plate Decorator.  But I am eating much less meat, almost none, and much less dairy, hardly ever.  My wine drinking days are now few and far between.  I think I really over did it in spain, you can see some posts here: http://theplatedecorator.blogspot.com/search/label/spain .

The biggest change in my diet is the focus on RAW foods!!!! I have really enjoyed all the benefits of eating more living foods.  My digestive system is still working out all the kinks, but at least it is WORKING!!!! More on that later I love the support of the blogging community and can not wait to hear from everyone again!  Please come back and check out what I have in store!

Love, Cassandra