Hello Bloggeretts!

It seems to be one of those days…weeks (wait it’s totally Tuesday)when I need a boost to get me going.  Bad week to try to cut back on caffeine.  I decided this only because the mid-day headaches and afternoon “coffee crashes” were really starting to get to me.  I was drinking 2 or 3 cups a day and then having a REALLY hard time falling asleep at night.  So I am just challenging myself.  LOVE me a CHALLENGE!

I went to work today, I work at a very vegan friendly, Organic, Free- range, Pesticide + Hormone + Nirtate FREE restaurant, awesome right!  It has only been open for 3 months, and so far we are getting RAVE reviews at places like Happy Cow, Quarry Girl and Yelp!  I always get the same thing there and I bring my FREE lunch home at 2 or 3pm (I know it is really late for lunch). 

Today (as usual) I had the “Raw Kale Salad” and I always add the “Teryaki Tofu” cause it’s soooo gooood! Sorry there is no picture, my BF needed my camera for work today.  I tried taking a pic on my Blackberry but it was miserable.I get the salad ALL the time so you will for sure see it again!

The salad includes:

– Raw Kale-probably one small bunch

– Dried Cranberries

– Raisins

– Sliced Tomato

– Chopped Almonds

– Lemon Dressing-fresh squeezed lemons, olive oil, s+p all emulsified= delish!

– Teryaki Tofu-the cooks will NOT give me the recipe, but if I had to guess it would be Shoyu (soy sauce), Black and White Sesame seeds, Olive oil, and LOVE!!! They bake the marinated tofu and serve it warm-mmmmmm….

I am always starving by the time I get to eat! I have breakies at 5:45 or 6:00 am every morning and by noon I am famished!  I used to be one of those “I must eat every 2 hours” kinda girls, but working for 7 hours with no snack break has trained my stomach and brain, otherwise.  I am not sure which way of eating is better.  I think everyday is different and there really is NO set of rules.  I say just eat healthful and mindful when you are hungry and don’t if your not, I don’t always follow my advice:)

I say “this is a perfect day for farming ” because the weather feels sooo nice now.  I just want to put on some rain boots and gardening gloves and get dirty in the garden (in my head, cause I don’t have a garden here in my apartment).  Lucky for me today is Tuesday, and that means it’s the FARMER”S MARKET!!!!! Pretty strange that my local FM falls on a Tues. By local I mean the absolute closest, because in LA there are hundreds of Farmer’s Markets.  But I love it because 1) it is not crazy crowded and 2) they are open from early morning to late in the evening.  As far as I know it is the only night-time farmers market open (correct me if I am wrong).  I love the original LA Farmers Market! There are always celebs there and The Grove is attatched, best for all sorts of shopping!

So I am off to walk to the FM, I think it is about a 40 min in total there and back, not including the browsing.  On my list is:

– Zucchini-for a humus recipe I have been dying to try from this site.

– Fresh Fruit

– Flowers

Ahhhh- I just LOVE Fall!

Ok, I am off~ Hope you all are having a wonder-FALL afternoon!

Love, Cassandra