I had a very organized day planned.  “Had” being the operative word!  On Wednesdays I am in school from 7:30 am-2:30pm.  My first class actually starts at 9:30am, but the parking situation at school is such a disasterthat it forces me to get there 2 hours early!  Crazy, but I am getting used to having the last minute studying sesh in the car (it has saved me a few times). 

Usually I sit with the windows down and the sun roof open, the morning ocean breeze flowing on my face.  Looking towards the football field and drooling over the early birds working-out, wishing I still had enough time in the morning to do the 5am gig.I just don’t forsee waking up at 4am to eat breakies, drive to the YMCA (my gym) and then home again to shower and drive past the Y to go to school or work.  I need fuel before a work out, I mean hello my blog is called “Starting off Hungry” for a good reason!  And the sleep deprivation is not worth the guaranteed work out for the day.  Sadly, this semester has had quite a few less work outs than last semester.  I know you can’t blame your schedule, so many of you find the time in the day to hit the gym, do a quick podcast of yoga or run around the block.  I am planning to get back on the horse soon. 

Instead of getting going on my TO DO list after school, I went to Whole Foods instead!!! I can’t decide which one I am most keen on; Santa Monica off 3rd, West Hollywood off Fairfax, or the new on in Venice on Lincoln.  Oh I love them all!  So far the one on Lincoln has the best and largest Raw and Gluten-Free selection.  I am not Gluten- Free but I am researching the concept.  So far I have heard great things for mood and bloating on a GF diet.  Not sure it’s for me though.  At WF I picked up a few new things:


Finally found Oat Groats, and never tried WG Amaranth!

Finally found Oat Groats, and never tried WG Amaranth!

Have you guys tried these?

Have you guys tried these?

The best! It smells of Honey and Chamomile..mmm..

The best! It smells of Honey and Chamomile..mmm..


Last night I made my first Humus!  It was adapted from a recipe at Gone Raw and was super! I always change up a recipe, even when I am baking and you are supposed to be all exact.  I will post my version tomorrow, because today I am bringing you RAW HALVA!!!! I just adore Halva.  I have since I was little and my mom used to drive me to the Mediterranean Super Market to buy this delicious treat!



So let’s get to know HALVA-

The word halva entered the English language as “halva” between 1840-50 from the Yiddish halva, which came from Romanian, which came from the Turkish helva, which ultimately was derived from the Arabic Ar ḥalwā, meaning sweet confection. (Thanks to Wiki)

Originally Halva (or halawa, halaweh, ħelwa, halvah, halava, helva, halwa, aluva) is from Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, the Balkans, and the Jewish World.  It is usually either flour-based or nut-based.  The one I grew up enjoying is the nut-based kind.  This type of halva is crumbly and usually made from Tahini (sesame paste) or other nut butters, such as sunflower seed butter. The primary ingredients are nut-butter and sugar or honey. 

Well ladies, I have been so excited to try this for myself! I mean really how simple are 2 ingredients and soooo tasty!  I jazzed mine up a bit~


up close, delish!


Raw Chocolate- Coconut Halva

– 1/2 C of raw sunflower seeds- soaked for 1-2 hours, rinsed and drained

– 1 tsp raw Honey-or any sweetener Agave would work great

– ½ C raw hulled sesame seeds

– 1 Tbsp Coconut Oil

– ½ – 1 Tbsp raw Cocoa Powder

Mix in High speed blender on low, by hand or in food processor until well combined but still a bit chunky.

(I don’t have a fancy blender or food processor.  I used my crappy blender and when it was no longer “blending” I scraped it out and mixed by hand. Hints are dropped to the BF all the time about my B-Day coming up soon)

Spread on un-greased sheet pan to about ½ Inch thick.  Score to desired shape and size with back of knife.  Place in Freezer for 2-3 hours and then cut with butter knife and EAT!!!

I let mine sit over night in the freeze and then devoured these little tasty morsels. This recipe makes 12-14 pieces.  I had 3!!

You can eat them as a sweet and healthy snack. On top of the famous Banana Soft Serve, crumbled on Oatmeal, crumbled on fresh fruit, or dusted with Cocoa powder for a decadent dessert!  You could add as many or as few ingredients to this! I am sure some Medjool dates would be delish!

I am off to the gym! HA already getting one foot in the sturup (is that even an expression?)  I guess my day is turning out better than I thought!

Love + Halva, Cassandra