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I know I am back from the dark of my studying cave, I have been prepping for finals and avoiding almost everything else! (including housework which i finally tackled today :))

So what have I been eating lately??? Well my meals are a bit out of the ordinary, and I am enjoying more sweets than usual. My waistline is not appreciating it, but I say “fudge it”.  I will not succumb to the annual holiday body bashing tradition that I am so used to.  I have always indulged too much over the holiday’s and am finally sick of giving myself a hard time about it.  It only hurts my self-esteem.  So here’s to No Holiday Food Grief! 

I am leaving for Texas on Tuesday night. Sean and I are driving from Los Angeles!!! Apparently the 10 Freeway takes you all the way from our on-ramp by our house to the exit ramp at his Moms. 26 hours on the road…. CRAZY!

I will try to be a better blogger, and post some of my eats soon.

Love + Happy Holidays!



Hey everybody!

Today I wanted to tell you all a bit about my meal planning adventures.  Let me start by catching up. This past month has been full of food adventures. I have been eating DAIRY, and testing out some other products that I usually do not eat, like pasta.  I am in a bit of a “funk”, if you will, with school almost ending, finals are approaching.  My stress level is at an all time HIGH! I find that when I am stressed, or have any anxiety I turn to FOOD! I guess you could say I am an Emotional Eater.  I am trying to combat this habit and change my ways of eating and feelings about food.  I know that food will not solve my anxiety nor will worrying about it until my head hurts. So the best way to fix my over indulging is to Plan Meals. 

So last week I did just that. I shopped at Whole Foods for exactly what was on the menu for the week and nothing else.  Boy did this help!  Not only do I find that just having a meal in my head already for dinner saves me the anxiety of  the “what to have for dinner?” question, but also helps me stay healthy.

Here are some examples of meals I planned:

Monday- Whole Wheat Pizza Dough (TJ’s) topped with home-made tomato sauce, low-fat  mozzarella, broccoli, and red pepper flakes.

Wednesday- Root bake with beets, parsnips, fennel and onion. Salad with Romaine, red onion, black beans, avocado, tomato, cucumber, red bell peppers, with Annie’s Goddess dressing.

Friday- BBQ Tofu, yam fries, and steamed corn on the cobb.

You get the idea! I had a great time finding recipes to make the Sunday night before and loved going shopping with a list! Dinners are always better when I have a meal planned.  Sean and I get to really enjoy each others company at the table, eating at the same time and eating the same thing! We turn off the TV and TALK! I loved last week. This week was a bit difficult for me plan, no excuses…I just didn’t get to it. 

I now know I prefer to plan my meals during the hectic Holidays.  Or  anytime I am under Stress!!!!

Love + Happy Meal Planning,