I know I am back from the dark of my studying cave, I have been prepping for finals and avoiding almost everything else! (including housework which i finally tackled today :))

So what have I been eating lately??? Well my meals are a bit out of the ordinary, and I am enjoying more sweets than usual. My waistline is not appreciating it, but I say “fudge it”.  I will not succumb to the annual holiday body bashing tradition that I am so used to.  I have always indulged too much over the holiday’s and am finally sick of giving myself a hard time about it.  It only hurts my self-esteem.  So here’s to No Holiday Food Grief! 

I am leaving for Texas on Tuesday night. Sean and I are driving from Los Angeles!!! Apparently the 10 Freeway takes you all the way from our on-ramp by our house to the exit ramp at his Moms. 26 hours on the road…. CRAZY!

I will try to be a better blogger, and post some of my eats soon.

Love + Happy Holidays!