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Well here we are on day 2! I am pretty ecstatic today.  My breakfast was a lovely leftover bowl of Tofu Fried Rice from last nights dinner.  I worked today at Greenpeas and was hungry all day! I worked from 7am to 3pm and had a Rawvelution Tropical bar around 12pm to hold me…but it didn’t, and I was STARVING by the time I got home.  I brought home a Whole Wheat  Portobello and Feta sandwich from work.  (sorry no pics; lazy + sucky camera = no yummy food porn). It was Delish! I ate as Sean showed off his newest toy the Droid by Moterolla.  I must say that this is pretty SWANKY!

Then Sean and I decided to go running at the SMC track.  I did this work-out for my Cardio Day: 

Wednesday- 20 min walk to run.  I started with a speed walk for 3 min then sped it up to a light jog for a min then up again to a full on jog for a min, then picked up the pace to a run for a min, then back to a walk. I repeated this 3 times then walked for a cool down for 5 min.  My HR hit an all time high of 209!!!! I couldn’t believe it!!!! I love this feeling of “I can do it!”

You can see more Here. I am pretty stoked on my Heart Rate!  After the run Sean and I hit up a new place (to us) called Mrs Winston’s Green Grocery

mrs winstons int 570x329 mrs. winstons green grocery: LAs best vegan friendly salad bar

(pic taken from Quarry Girl)

It is known to be the “Best Salad Bar in LA!” And I must say I was impressed.  Lots of items you don’t find at the uge salad bar.  Like dandelion greens, purple basil, all kinds of sprouts and tofu curry…mmmmmm!  I didn’t end up getting a salad but I did pick up some of my fave Panda Licorice! This is the best Licorice because it has: 

“The unique Real taste of Licorice Premium quality, soft licorice All Natural ingredients. No added colours, No added salt, No artificial flavours, 99 % fat-free, No preservatives, Kosher certified, Suitable for vegan and vegetarian consumption!!! ” With Licorice either you love it, or hate it and I LOVE it!

Well I am off to cook up a dinner of Whole Wheat Pasta with Broccoli and Tomatos….Maybe some Chicken Sausage too. We will see 😉

Love + 209 HR BABY!



Hey bloggers!

I am so excited to say that I have reached a new chapter in my life…. a goal….a time for CHANGE!  Today was my first day of the Body For Life Challenge, created by Bill Phillips.  A 12 week program of fitness and meal planning.  I have done  many “diets” before, and never enjoy the Yo-Yo lifestyle I have find myself bouncing in.  Sadly, I am heavier than I have been in 2 years. The weight that came off was not acheived a healthy way.  Even if I thought I was doing it healthfully, I was surely not.  My body is strong under the excess blubber I have developed.  ( I thinbk:) ) 

So today I begin a real regimen that will jump-start the new me along with a New Year! A me that is accountable and true to myself!

Please stick around for the changes. I will post my before pics later on for more inspiration (now I can not bare to face them at all, let alone put them up on the www for all to see). 

Today was a good day for a good work-out. I was off work and my mind was in need of a “foggy clearing”, just what a hard work -out will do, clear the mind.  Check my Fitness Log page for more details on todays work-out.

Ok ladies…..START YOUR ENGINES……….

Love + 12 more weeks,