Me this summer in Galviston, Texas

Me this summer in Galveston, Texas


My name is Cassandra Fuote. First off, thank you for coming to see me at Starting off Hungry!  This blog is named after how I start my day everyday…HUNGRY.  It also represents my first very eager steps towards my new life.  I am on my way to having a new (life changing) career!

My background is in the arts.  (Pause for effect.)  I was a Set Decorator for Film, Television and Editorial productions, lovely career don’t get me wrong, but my happiness meter was at a stand still along with my career.  So I thought to myself  “Cassandra…what do you love most in life, what is your true passion??”  What did I come up with…FOOD!  But not just any food, you see I am a bit of a snob.  I loves-me some dark leafy green salads and my morning oat bran, so I say snob loosely; because I will eat anything.  If it grows from the ground (preferably locally) and is not too processed then I am game.  Alas, I was raised on caviar, Italian and sushi so a girl can’t help it!  We ate out a lot and ordered in a lot more, but more on that later :).  Back to my career change….  I also love to help others and nothing makes me happier than to know that I have made a difference.   So I left the Film Industry to get my degree as a Registered Dietitian.  I am NOWHERE near done yet (ummm…yeah…six more years of school, thanks to going the trade school route after High School). 

What else??  I am a born and raised Angelino, Santa Monica to be exact, by the beach and then to Calabasas…also by the beach.  When I moved out of my parents house I moved around L.A. six times in six years (yiiikes) to come full circle and up back in near Santa Monica.  Growing up with my mother who follows the holistic approach and my father being more mainstream I was always caught in the middle trying to battle it out for myself.  Going back school, my main goal is to figure out my own path: healthy living that connects my love for healthy, whole, plenty raw, living, mostly vegan foods and what I learn in the Dietetics program. 

I have had digestive problems my whole life.  I was lactose intolerant for 17 years and  battled my weight “issues” by trying every diet that came my way.  More on my eating habits in a nother post.  Mostly I try to stay active and eat what my body is telling me I need.  I don’t always listen, and I don’t always know what it is.  But I am on a quest to ultimate health and ultimate happiness!!

I find that there are many extremist in our society, telling us what is right and what is wrong.  I am bound and determined to find the balance between the two!  So come along with me on this journey as I discover myself in a world of RD’s and try to change inform humanity to have a healthier lifestyle!