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Hey Everyone,

With the Swine flu buzz, and the stress with school, lately I have been jam-packed and hanging on to sanity by a thread!  I have been struggling to get my school work and house work and work work all done and still have time to see my b/f (and we live together), my family and friends or blog and even to SLEEP!  The “Nervous Nelly’s” run in my family.  We are all challenged when it comes to not worrying too much over something.  So I know I need to pay close attention to my anxiety levels in times of stress.  So what’s my new plan of attack you ask?

Step 1:

Make sure to get plenty of sleep, 8 hours a night!

Step 2:

Drink 1 or more Green Smoothies or Juices a day.  I find this really great for my nervous snacking habits.  Because when I get stressed… I eat.  It also makes a wonderfully easy breakfast, lunch or dinner. It can also make a great drink to sip while I study.  I call them the study munchies.  And they always catch up with my waistline! This is a good alternative to eating my whole kitchen while reading my text books:)

Step 3:

Get some exercise everyday!  I always justify not working out on days I work at the restaurant.  There I am on my feet all day; serving tables and cleaning.  But in my heart I know that this is not significant exercise.  So I will add a bit of yoga, a walk or a trip to the gym. Daily exercise is really important!

Step 4:

Drink more water! I need to take this one seriously!! In Los Angeles (especially this time of year) is gets really dry.  This affects my allergies and skin.  I get the crusty boogies in my nose and get mini nose bleeds, and my hands are so dry they crack! So plenty of detoxifying water is on the agenda as well!!

Keep reading to see how the progress goes on my diet to de-stress!

Love + relaxing!