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Farmers Market eats

Farmers Market eats

On Sunday my BF, Sean, and I decided to venture to the Mar Vista Farmers Market.  It is usually too crowded for us to go on Sunday afternoon, but we were craving some fresh fruit. I have been trying to not eat too much fruit lately.

 I had some skin problems last time I went ALL RAW for about 2 weeks.  My acne was way outta control.  I always have a blemish or two, but on all raw my skin hated me!!! I blamed it on the toxins releasing through my skin, and the sugar in the fruit.  I was eating A LOT of fruit.  As soon as I stopped eating the fruit my skin started to clear up back to normal. 

 Now I don’t know about you, but I think EVERYONE deserves CLEAR skin!!!  

 A little skin history about me:

I went on Accutane at 13 years old.  Now, back then I had really really bad skin.  I had, and still sometimes do, what they call; Cystic Acne.  Which is very deep and very large under the skin type blemishes.  I also had “backne” and “chestne”, this means I broke out on my back, shoulders and chest… ewwwww!!!  That was the main reason I went on the prescription drug.  I was embarrassed to wear tank tops or short sleeves.  You could see the lil’ zits down my shoulders and arms, it was horrible.  It was hard enough being a teenager going through the greasy hair, mood swings and hormones, but to have backne on top of it all?  So my mom agreed to put me on the “wonder pill”.  My sister had the same skin problems and went on it a few years before me and saw AMAZING results.  

Of course, I have heard some terrible things about this drug and if I were to go back in time, I am not sure I would be so eager to take it.  But, at the time I all I wanted was clear skin.  Let me tell you, the side effects were pretty brutal.  Dry skin, chapped lips, dry itchy eyes, red skin….etc. But after a year of taking the pill my skin was CLEAR! 

Little did I know that it was only temporary.  A year later the acne came back, not as bad, and not on my back, thank god.  But I was very sad to see any blemish after a year of torture. 

Fast forward to my 20’s.  I still break out.  I find my diet is KEY to the amount of break outs I have.  I have naturally big pores, and combination skin, sometimes dry and sometimes oily.  Stress is a huge factor aswell.   Oh ya, Aunt Flow always washes in some red spots on my face too:) 

But can’t a girl dream of not having to wear cover up???? I went on a Detox 2 years ago. My Aunt wrote a book called The Ultimate Detox Diet.  Her name was Teri Kerr M.A, R.D, L.D she ran the vitamin and supplement company Pioneer.  She passed away in 2006, but views on healthy eating and her wonderfully free spirit lives on in me still.  The point being, on her Ultimate Detox diet my skin had never been clearer!!!! It was perfection, if I do say so myself.

Halloween '07

Halloween '07

Yes, I was happy with my skin as Snow White on Halloween!  Not only was my skin clear but my weight was just right too!  So why did it get bad again???Why did I stop the diet?? I stopped the detox because it caused me to restrict my eating a bit too much.  When I started to eat more normally, that is when the zits started to pop back up.  I can not detox for life, ya know?

Now I break out if:

  • I eat too much sugar
  • I am really stressed
  • I don’t get enough sleep
  • I don’t drink enough water
  • I don’t wash my face
  • I breath…. J/K

It feels like I am always balancing my diet to secure my skin, and then I still get  a blemish!! Any tips for clear skin?  I feel like I have tried everything known to man!

 I have used:

  • Proactiv Solution
  • Over the counter creams
  • prescription creams
  • Accutane
  • MSM
  • Garlic
  • Clay masks
  • Tea Tree
  • Facials
  • Scrubs, Acids and toners!

I am desperate to have the glowing skin of a Raw Foodist.  Anyone know when that detox stage eventually passes in a Raw food diet?  Silly question I know the answer; everyone is different.   But I could not take the amount of stress the acne puts on me, it hurts, it’s ugly, I have lower self-esteem…etc. 

I am not sure what is next for me and my skin, only time will tell.  Meanwhile I am trying not to eat a lot of sugar, even natural sugar. But if I do, the only way to go is fresh from the Farmers Market.


More on “raw food adventures”… I drug brought Sean with me to a raw restaurant this Sunday. 

the menu

the menu

We went to Juliano’s Planet Raw.  It was crazy good! Juliano is a master chef of raw food gourmet cuisine. Sadly, Sean is allergic to almonds ( I know right??? SO  sad to be him!)  and most nuts, besides Peanuts.  I would DIE if I were him, no Almond Butter, no cashews or walnuts????  But he was a bad good sport and came with.  We had a very hard time trying to find anything on the menu not containing nuts.  I never noticed that EVERYTHING (practically) in a raw gourmet dish has a nut base.


Tortilla Soup

Tortilla Soup

I started with the soup du jour, and it was FABULOUS! Spicy and WARM! The base was cashew so Sean couldn’t try it. It had a very creamy texture and it was thick and yummy with avocado pieces and cilantro floating in it!  Best “raw” soup I have ever had!  ( I haven’t had any others hehe).   

Cali Roll

Cali Roll

For my main dish (fyi: I never have a starter and then a main dish, but there was sooo much I wanted to try) I had the Cali Roll, named I assume after the California Roll.  I really loved this dish! I am a HUGE sushi fan, so this was right up my ally!  It tasted exactly like sushi, but with a different crunchier texture.  So so good, made with a seed cheese, and filled with veggies and on the side was shredded cabbage with a honey mustard dressing….mmmm….

Isn't that plate gorge!

Isn't that plate gorge!

I was going to share, but I ate them all!!!

Avo Sandwich

Avo Sandwich

This was Sean’s, and it was quite a delicious dish.  It had nuts, hidden in the “mayo”, so Sean couldn’t eat it, too bad.  I ate it later as a snack! It was Flax crackers with cashew mayo, avocado, greens, pickled sesame broccoli and some of the cabbage with honey mustard.  I just love the plating here, so colorful and appetizing!

While we were there, Juliano came out to say hi to his friends eating at the table behind us.  If I were a more established blogger I would have asked to take a pic with him, alas I am a Newbie! ( and not that brave).  But he seemed really nice, crazy hairdo, but that is besides the case.  Our waitress was sweet, she looked 12 and had a voice of a 30 yr old.  The atmosphere was cozy, smelled of patchouli and we could see the kitchen from our seats.  The patio is pleasant, kinda right there on the street though, corner of Broadway and 6th. 

 I would go back for sure, but prob not with Sean.  Too hard for him to eat there without having his throat close up!!!

Off to study Marketing, I have a BIG test on Wednesday and I won’t have time to study tomorrow.  I am going to see…. DRUMROLL…..

********BOB DYLAN in concert tomorrow!!!!!********

So I may not get a chance to post tomorrow, but I will be back with the scoop later:)

Love + Raw food, Cassandra




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